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Jazz cabaret Performances

Life Is A Cabaret Ole Chum!


Dinner Cabaret Group under the Direction of the late William Ferrara and featured Jeanne Evans, Steve Dulude, Pam Rinaldi, Elaine Sullivan and Marty Marran with Bill on Piano, John Jay on Drums and Nick D'Aquila on Bass!


Dinner Cabaret Group under the Musical Direction of Dr. Robert Elam and featured Bob Elam, Elaine Sullivan and Jeanne Evans! The group performed Blues and Broadway melodies at The General Staton Inn, Sun Valley Restaurant, The Hi Hat, 1025 club, Newport Grand, and on The Newport Dinner Train!

The Group performed countless nostaglic dinner shows in dozens of RI restaurants including five years at Evelyn's Villa, and three sold-out shows at The Odeum and Stadium Theatres!

Please enjoy The Note-Ables' sound bite of "Memphis Blues" in it's entirety! ~Elaine

Capital City Cabaret, a 1930s Nostalgic song ensemble directed by Yvonne Monnett with featured members:Jeanne Evans, Donald Blais,Yvonne Monnett, Elaine Sulivan